Batman And Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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One does not need to possess supernatural powers to be a superhero. Sometimes all it takes is a good motive and will power. A tragic past, a strong sense of justice, or anything of the such can inspire any fair being to take that path. A person described as a ‘hero’ must have certain characteristics which usually include; modesty, commitment, and mostly courage. It is the nature of epic poems to include a single or many characters that are the said ‘hero’ of the story; such is true in Homer’s The Odyssey. Though there are many versions of Batman throughout the world, most of them are an excellent representation of a beloved comic book or TV Show hero without the aid of superpowers. Both Odysseus and Batman share the qualities of a natural hero,…show more content…
He is a genius because he invented his own communication system known as the Batwave. In his secret cave, called the Batcave, there are his custom-made
Bat gear and transportation; such as the Batmobile.
The important differences between Batman and Odysseus are mainly location, time period, lifely circumstances, and villains. Batman has a variety of villains chock-full of insanity to deal with such as the Joker and Catwoman. Odysseus is not parallel to any set of villains or even a single villain. He just winds up in complicated circumstances where he suffers the wrath of Poseidon for killing his son, Cyclops in the attempt to escape. He uses one of his similarities with Batman; ingenuity, by telling Cyclops his name is Nobody. By doing so, when Cyclops calls for help, everyone in the surrounding area would ridicule him, for instance on page 224 line
455 when Cyclops yelled, ‘Nobody’s killing me now by fraud and not by force!’ Batman is faced with numerous trials, but still persists in his goal of fairness for all. Similarly, Odysseus just wants to return to his island home, but still treats his obstacles with as much as respect as possible. He also helps those in need of it, for instance, Eleanor, who told him to remember

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