Batman And The Joker In The Great Gatsby

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Enemies are portrayed as being opposites of each other and work to repel the other like magnets. When one thinks of enemies, they may think of Batman and the Joker. One works to preserve the well being in Gotham and tries to prove that it has good people living in it. The Joker on the other hand works to upset the established power and expose their corruption to the public through heinous crimes. Such is not the case in The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan are two very wealthy men fighting over the same women, yet these two enemies aren’t that much different from one another. Tom has come from a wealthy family and has not had to work hard in life to enjoy its luxuries. At Yale he was a very successful athlete and excelled in almost…show more content…
Tom was arrogant in his ways and put himself before others. Even though he claimed to be loyal to Daisy, he could not hide his mistress from everyone. Tom was a brute of a man and claimed to be part of a master race. His arrogance and neglection of Daisy and others end up getting him into trouble. Gatsby did everything out of love for Daisy and it was as if he had blinders on and could only see a future for himself with her in it. He made the mistake of making his happiness depend on her and could not accept the fact that she once loved Tom. As wonderful as man as Gatsby is, he is very deceitful to others of who he really is and tries to control everything. Gatsby is a man stuck in the past and with every day that passes, he gets sucked in even deeper into the abyss. Even though Tom and Gatsby had very different upbringings and live their lives completely different, in a way they are the same person. Neither one of them will admit their wrongdoings and are to self-absorbed into themselves to see what is going on around them. They share the same love for Daisy and try to win her heart by buying exotic gifts and providing her with a lavish lifestyle. One trait they both exercise quite often is the repetitive use of Nick. Tom uses him as a puppet to make it seem like he cares about Daisy’s family and also to hide the fact he is having an affair with
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