Batman And The Tell Tale Series Analysis

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Telltale has done a spectacular job introducing mechanical elements harmonizing with the narrative; in Batman - The Telltale Series there are systems gameifying all aspects of the Batman experience. The quick-time event action sequences return in one of their most well-implemented ways to date. There are also investigation segments where Batman theorizes how an event transpired based on crime scene evidence. Telltale utilizes both traditional point-n-click mechanics as well as introduces a new linking one during Batman's investigations. And finally, as is the norm with Telltale games, there are entire sequences devoted solely to fleshing out, and advancing, the narrative where the game allows you to affect it
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Character design's feature thick accentuated lines exaggerating features giving them a detailed comic book appearance. I was impressed by the advances in animation made in Batman - The Telltale Series; while it is by no means perfect, characters animate more fluidly than in past titles by the studio. However, the engine is still prone to suffer bouts of stuttering; I found it was particularly susceptible during panning shots.

I was impressed by Telltale's understanding, and mastery, of the visual language of film; at times Batman - The Telltale Series features impressive cinematography. Telltale has managed to strike a balance between being informative and stylish; scenes will be framed in such way it accentuates the drama as well as clearly instructs the player as for how to proceed. Nowhere is the game's impressive cinematography on better display than during the spectacle of the well-choreographed action sequences. These are edited and framed in such a way that, in conjunction with the audio design, they expertly sell the weight behind each punch and kick - ramping up the tension and enjoyability

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