Batman Arkham Asylum Essay Topics

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1. Batman Arkham Asylum (2009) “Batman like you have never seen him before” Developer: Rocksteady Genre: Action/Adventure Theme: Super Hero Everyone has dreamed of being a super hero at some point or another. Having the ability of flight, super speed, super strength, or something else super awesome, right? But what about keen detective skills, super gadgets, and relentless butt kicking skills? Well in Batman Arkham Asylum you have these amazing skills that easily trump the ability to fly or leap tall building! You will be embracing millionaire play boy by day and vigilante detective by night Bruce Wayne, or better known as Batman in this ultimate gaming experience. So I know what your thinking, “Batman is lame”, right? I hate to break…show more content…
Be it a movie, book, or game it is not an easy task. Especially when you 've created Batman Arkham Asylum, hands down best version of Batman we have ever seen hit gaming platforms. So how did they do it you ask? Well that is not a simple answer, as this sequel has taken Batman to a whole new level. Yes this game seriously beats its predecessor, with a whole open world to unleash the dark knight 's fury on. With new villains, better graphics, and even smoother combat system Batman Arkham City is by far the superior game! Arkham City, a newly sectioned off area of Gotham is being used to house the mass and growing criminal population of Gotham. With the plot connecting Arkham Asylum to Arkham City, you are still in pursuit of Joker and his crazy partner Harley Quinn as they now try to unleash their mayhem on Arkham City. Doctor Hugo Strange the warden of Arkham City has placed you Bruce Wayne under arrest and imprisoned with the criminals of Arkham City. Strange has done so because he secretly knows your identity and plans to expose it if you survive. So along with dealing with Strange, Joker, and many of your other favorite villains such as Bane, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze, it is safe to say you are looking at hours packed of a fun filled
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