Evolution Of The Tragic Representation Of Batman

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Good morning Mrs O and class, the evolution of the tragic representation of batman.

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Batman was born in 1939 on the pages of dective comics #27 as a a steren devilish looking character. Then in the 1940 batman looks like he got a brighter outlook on life. The dective comics were renamed to Batman and the typical all grey bat suit accented with a yellow belt, blue underpants, socks and gloves was formed.

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1950s- Batman’s body became slightly block shaped (excuse the pun) and he became more science fiction orientated as he fought aliens from outer space. This era showed a sunnier during the post-war years. People actually began to make accusations stating batman was gay and that him and robin were romantic lovers.
1970s- Comic book writers decided that maybe olive was more batmans colour. They also drew batman built with ridiculous popping muscles maybe to try and convince the audience that he’s actually not gay. Batman stories also became dark again as audiences wanted storylines with more realism and emotional depth.

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Writers then returned batmans look to his blue
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The typical blue and grey was brought back again. This series was known for its dark tone and considered one of the greatest batman adaptions. It was said that this series shows a character returning to his pulp roots.

1995- here Val Kilmer acted as batman and the only thing that really changed was the fact that the bat suit became more muscly but he still couldn’t turn his head.

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1997- Everything went south with the release of this film. It was actually voted as one of the worst superhero films ever. I mean firstly every staunch Batman fan hates Robin and that is why he has mostly been ignored in the films, also these costumes are ridiculous I mean they wouldn’t know stealth if hit them in the face and what is with the emphasis on their crotches and those bat nipples?

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