Batman Compare And Contrast Essay

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As a child batman had it rough and the joker had it as rough as him. Both Batman and the Joker and lost their parents and they both play dress up and has traumatic events in their lives. The only difference between Batman and Joker is bad and good. Batman has more vanity over the joker which is completely insane. Batman is a dark and mysterious person but he knows the fine line between right and wrong By this I mean batman can tell when he needs to hurt someone or help them. For example, the first scenes of the movie of Russian mob are trying to deal with the Scarecrow. Vigilantes posing as the Batman show up and then the real Batman breaks the wall with a dramatic entrance. The vigilantes try and imitate batman because they want to help and protect Gotham. Batman could kill them as a Joker would slaughter them and laugh, but he has to beat them out of Instead Batman fight for the city and doesn 't kill anyone that makes him different from the vigilantes and…show more content…
This also goes with his humor when walking from the exploding hospital so calmly. When the building exploded behind him the news producers and pedestrians fear him as he was laughing. Joker is the villain or bad guy because no one can forget his famous question, why so serious? did the girls also brought the white man also called reading into the darkness he did this in one moon and all he wants is that the world is evil when Joker was being interrogated by Batman super had no power in the room with him I thought tool Batman save during person Harvey Dent that was the evilest and smartest move in the movie in my opinion. Batman is considered good because he would do anything for Gotham but not a hero the Batman is an outlaw or vigilante. by this I mean Batman doesn 't care about what 's good and what 's bad it goes with his morals and beliefs. batman respects everyone who lives in Gotham.Even though Harvey could have been the hero of Gotham, Batman was more presentable and the protector
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