Batman Compared To Beowulf

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Many people believe that Batman is the world’s greatest made up hero and detective, he only does things that will help the world. People loved the comics of Batman so much, they turned it into many serious of movies. Batman is a modern day hero, however back in the 7th century the poem Beowulf was the world’s greatest made up hero. Beowulf was originally an epic poem, then turned into a novel Beowulf a New Telling by Robert Nye. Beowulf was the first English Literature to be written, written around the 7th century. The original Beowulf is extremely hard to read so, long ago someone that new Old English decided to translate it so people could read it easily. The most popular translation is Beowulf a New Telling by Robert Nye. Beowulf is a story…show more content…
In this religion, Christians believe that: no one can survive and be protected without the faith of believing in God, that the son of God is to be humble and unselfish, and that the life that one life and happiness was given to them by God. Beowulf a New Telling was originally written in Paganism, then converted to Christianity. Christianity and Paganism are very close religions. There are many discussions rather Beowulf has Element of Christianity or not. People say that Beowulf represents God through his leadership, and risking his life for the peoples benefit, much like God did. Although others believe that Beowulf's heroic pride for defeating the demons, comes in conflicts with the Christian values. When Beowulf is taking on the monster, he says “Grendel, child of Cain, come down into Heortot. I am Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow. I am Beowulf, not afraid of you. I am Beowulf, come to kill you!”(Nye 69). As people know too much pride in oneself will lead to a decline in the person's life. Beowulf is continually referring back to God as his savior in this book, Beowulf talks about his battle with Grendel's mother and says that he would have died if it wasn't for God guarding him. People thrilled about the win, “His men were too astonished to rise a cheer. Some fell on their knees and offered thanks to God” (Nye 122). Meaning with someone’s dedication to the faith of God, with his protection you will be safe. Much like God, he sacrifices to die on the cross for his people and the future, Beowulf sacrifices his life while fighting the dragon for his

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