Batman Hero's Journey

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Attributes of a hero have remained the same over time, which is shown through Greek heroes like Hercules demonstrating the same traits as modern heroes like Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. One of the traits Hercules and Batman share is their passion for becoming a hero. The audience can see this characteristic during the “I Can Go The Distance” song when Hercules proclaims, “Somehow I'll be strong, I know every mile will be worth my while, I would go most anywhere to find where I belong.” Similarly, the audience can see Batman's passion each time he drops whatever he is doing, changes into his elaborate costume, and risks his life to save the city of Gotham from villains like The Joker and Bane. Another trait that Hercules shares with a…show more content…
The Hero’s Journey theory was proposed by Joseph Campbell in 1949 who based it on Edward Taylor’s original theory. This theory states that every story follows a certain cycle or is based on this cycle. The cycle is broken down into seventeen arts which are then broken down into three acts, Departure, Initiation, and finally, Return. During the Departure act, the hero is called on by someone or something to leave their normal world and go on a journey. At first, the hero may be reluctant to go but is aided by a mentor figure. At the beginning of the Initiation act, the hero encounters a monster or enemy called the threshold guardian. This guardian is the hero’s first trial in this new world. Later on in the act, the hero reaches “the innermost cave” where he has to face the main enemy of the story. After the hero receives his treasure the Return act begins. During this act, the hero returns back to his normal world with his treasure and his life forever changed. This theory can be applied to Greek heroes like Hercules and modern heroes like Batman and Superman. These connections show that a hero's traits remain the same even over thousands of years. Ultimately, the traits displayed by these revered members of society display the very features we as humans aspire to have and
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