Batman Religion

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On the subject of Batman 's religion, there has been many arguments among his religious beliefs. Bruce is usually portrayed as Episcopalian in the comics, but some other writers like Frank Miller have portrayed him as Catholic, but it wasn 't a question when it comes to saying him as a Christian. It was obvious from sources, like his older comics and animated series, that batman is religious and his parents were religious too. In the comic "Secret Origins #6" (1986), Bruce Wayne, as a child after his parents were murdered, said his prayers every night; the graves of him (faked his death after defeating superman) and his parents have a cross engraved in it. The movie, on the other hand, was very subtle about it. In this essay, I will be…show more content…
His actions can be seen as religious acts according to different sociologists. According to Durkheim, religious serves as a reflection of the society. Batman 's existence reflected upon the fact that Gotham is corrupted and in need of justice. Batman also have the concept of sacred and profane to guild his crime-fighting career. In the movie, Batman values everyone 's ' life and that is the biggest thing. Life is sacred to him, he goes out to save people in Gotham from danger. So using a gun(lethal) or killing people will violate the sacred and be a profane. You don 't see Batman using his gun to cause lethal wounds (which the comic 's versions do it a lot) and kill people, not even the criminal or Bane. It also have a totem which ties in well with sociologist Geertz. The symbol of Bat has been used in the movie for many purposes, to frighten the criminals, to restore hopes in the citizen, and to give him his identity. It was shown that there were many imposters of Batman in the last movie, but only the real Batman will answer to the bat signal, it gives him the identity of the Batman, and not just random people with his costume. It brings hope back to the people when Officer Gordon lighted up a bat signal on a bridge and tells everyone Batman is back. And one very important feature for religion is convert, religious people converts people around them to strengthen his own religion. Batman did so by converting Catwoman into helping him free the cops and defeat Bane. Catwoman was originally a selfish person and hated rich people. Later she helped other people by potentially endangers herself and established a romance relation with Bruce, an extremely rich guy. The transition point is Batman, he
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