Batman Sociology

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city. Throughout this whole movie, there is action and violence going on. You see Batman fighting against the criminals to stop crime and you see the Joker doing his criminal work which also include fighting and violence. The story keeps you interested the whole time. You are focused on Batman and the Joker and you see the different ways they work in the city. The movie gets interesting because you see Bruce Wayne live his life as the billionaire playboy but he gets too busy with his life at Batman that he sort of disappears from the world and he has to choose between his life and his love Rachael or be Batman and save the city. Now Bruce is happy to start having the spotlight turned away from him so he can focus on his life and his life as…show more content…
The Joker has a crime game where there are two boats in the harbor filled with tons of citizens and each boat has a bomb trigger to the other boat and whoever has the courage to set the bomb off, will survive but yet kills tons of citizens. Neither of the people on the boats will trigger the bomb and Batman on the search to find where the Joker is located so he can stop everything from happening. He finds where he is and this is where the big fight scene between the Joker and Batman begins, Before the Joker can blow up the boats himself, Batman stops him and The Joker laughs and further cements the notion that he and Batman are exactly alike. The two of them are cannot kill each other and thus will have a conflict forever. He now reveals to Batman his final game: that he has corrupted Harvey Dent. Learning the truth, Batman leaves, just as the SWAT team finally arrive and capture the Joker (IGN, page 3). Batman then fights the Joker in the street and takes him out and the Joker gets taken away but Batman still has to save Rachael, she is locked up in a warehouse and by the time he gets there the warehouse blows up and Harvey Dent survives but is just as heartbroken as Batman. Batman then rides off on his bike as the Dark Knight. This movie was full of Action but also had love and romance mixed into it. I had to talk some parts of it to get to the Action but it made the movie just perfect. This movie is one of the most successful action films ever
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