Harvey Dent Character Analysis

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In the movie “Batman: the dark knight” (2008), we are introduced to the character Harvey Dent. He is the District Attorney of Gotham City. Everyone loves him, he is charming and good looking and most important is that he fights for justice. Even though he is a good man, he uses his father’s lucky coin to gain benefits for himself; he suggests playing coin toss over many different things, mainly involving Rachel (the woman Harvey wants to marry). He always picks head because there is a picture of a woman on both sides of the coin. The joker kidnaps Harvey and Rachel, giving batman the choice of whom he wants to save. Batman saves Harvey just before the explosion, but half of Harvey’s face melted. At the hospital, the loss of Rachel becomes too much for Harvey, and after a small talk with the joker, he turns into the insane villain Two-Face. He now hunts the people who he feels is to blame for Rachel’s death, using his coin (that is now black on the one side) to decide whether people are going to die…show more content…
At the beginning of the movie, Rachel and Harvey are eating at a fine restaurant, when Bruce Wayne (Batman/ex-boyfriend of Rachel) steps into the restaurant together with a ballerina and urges to eat dinner together with them. Harvey then starts to talk highly about batman stating, “He is needed in these dark times”. Then at last, in the movie when Harvey has transformed into Two-Face he blames Batman for the death of Rachel. Before Rachel’s death, Harvey was a lawyer fighting for justice, but after Rachel’s death he becomes Two-Face and finds justice using coin toss. When the Joker visits Harvey in the hospital, Harvey wants to kill the Joker for what he did to Rachel, but the Joker’s plan was from the beginning to transform the best person in Gotham into a maniac. That is why the Joker hand over his gun to Harvey, giving him the opportunity to shoot him and bring back justice (e.g. a life for a
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