Batman Under The Red Hood Analysis

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In the novel “Batman Under The Red Hood” Batman is fighting whoever is under the red hood. Then Batman’s mask is torn off and the Red Hood takes his hood off and Batman seems to know him but it is kept a mystery from the reader. The story leaves the identity of the person behind the Red Hood a mystery until about halfway through the story. We find that Black Mask is gathering help from Mr. Freeze and Amazo the android that has the powers of the seven members of the Justice League. The Red Hood seems to be in a turf battle with the Black Mask by turning his men against him and stealing his shipments of weapons. Meanwhile Batman is suspicious that the man under the Red Hood is not who he claims to be. This causes Batman to begin his detective work by visiting the lazarus pits, occult experts, and members of the Justice League. Batman is trying to find out how the person under the red hood might be able to come back from the dead.. After visiting with members of the Justice League Batman returns to find the Red Hood and Onyx about to do battle and begins to battle…show more content…
During this time Superman intervened and caused time to alter events and Jason awoke from the dead and dug his way out of the coffin (Winick n. p.). Jason was found and taken to the hospital and even stayed in a coma in an asylum for one year before escaping out onto the streets as a homeless person (Winick n. p.). These scenes show that Jason came to life and escaped his grave. He is then acquired by Talia Al Ghul and her father Ra's Al Ghul and noted his brain damage too severe to function until he was pushed into the lazarus pit (Winick n. p.). These are all points in the story that show that Jason’s body was no longer in the grave. After the lazarus pit Jason begin to remember things that only he could know. Of course this was all before Jason would return to Gotham city and battle with

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