Batman V Superman Analysis

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Why Batman v. Superman Might be a Silly Idea By: @ardi_pram I understand that most people want a fresh start in a new year. Indeed, people like to read a motivational article which arduous and vigorously inspirational. However, giving motivations is not my area of expert and I am more into movies. This year, I personally think that the most prominent issue in a cinematic industry is whether Batman v. Superman will meet expectation or, vice versa, will be noted in history among the biggest flop. When Marvel announced its intention to bring the Avengers into Silver Screen, most people underestimate it since they believe there were too many obstacles to ensure that this superhero flicks will not degraded into such a messy actions full of CGI. Surprisingly Marvel successfully did it justice and even made it above expectation. The first Avengers movie later is a proof that assembling different superheroes that have its own franchise into one screen is possible. Understandably, DC comics competitively initiate its own cinematic universe after comfortably put all energy on ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’. ‘Batman v. Superman’ is the first step to start DC Cinematic Universe. Avengers’ success, in my opinion, has raising expectation of ‘Batman v. Superman’ in a critical level. I noticed people are too optimistic with the prospect of ‘Batman v. Superman’ and not being realistic. Without a doubt, Batman and Superman are among the top 10 most popular heroes in pop culture. Nevertheless,

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