Batman Vs Beowulf Research Paper

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Many times in modern day society has Beowulf, one of the oldest legends in history, been compared to super heroes. After reading Beowulf, and looking at dozens of online “discussions” (more so arguments), one will find that Beowulf is almost the exact same as Batman. Both Beowulf and Batman have an unearthly amount of strength, both use tools to their advantage when they need to, and both are called upon to deal with problems that others are either to weak or too cowardly to deal with themselves.
Is Beowulf a super hero? Many people would argue that, indeed, he is. This argument makes sense too, if one were to look at what defines a super hero. Ariel Osborne lists what makes a super hero a super hero, and that list includes: super power, courage/brave, beats adversity, defends the weak/Justice, has
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For example, their origin stories are completely different, and Batman does not kill anyone. The biggest difference between Batman and Beowulf, is how they present themselves. A blogger that goes by the name Chelsea say it best in her blog “Beowulf-Superhero Comparison.” “Although Beowulf and superheroes from our culture are similar in nature and have the same goals, they are different in the way they present themselves. For example, Beowulf is a well-known warrior and later becomes a king. In the story they present themselves to the Danish warrior and they are wearing their armor…American superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Spiderman are all like undercover protectors. In Spiderman for example, his makes his spandex suit to hide his identity” Despite these differences, Batman and Beowulf are practically the same exact character. This paper is not intended to argue whether Batman or Beowulf are superheroes or not. However, if Batman is a super hero, then so is Beowulf and vice-versa, because of how shockingly similar they are with their motivations, and their contributions to
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