Batter My Heart Diction

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Robert Burton wrote, “Adam’s sons, conceived all and born in sin.” Like Burton, many poets would argue that man is naturally sinful and needs a savior. John Donne, an 18th century, english poet has written many successful pieces of literature in his lifetime, including the convicting, “Batter My Heart, Three Person’d God.” The elizabethan poet utilizes diction, imagery, and metaphor to demonstrate that sin imprisons humans.
In the poem “Batter My Heart, Three Person’d God,” John Donne uses diction in various ways to explicate how severe the bondage between sin and humanity is. The englishman uses simple and effective language to clearly communicate society’s fallen nature. In particular, the phrase “usurpt town” is compared to sin overtaking
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He employs descriptive terms to create an evocative picture of sin’s hold on man. For instance, Donne writes, “untie or break that knot” to help create a visual of how strong the bond between sin and humanity is(11). The illustration of a knot that needs to be forcefully torn apart stresses the magnificent power that God has to destroy sin and how hard it is for man to do that on his own. In addition, this exemplifies how difficult it is for humanity to flee from sin and sever the ties of unholyness. Furthermore, John Donne writes, “batter my heart” as a way of the speaker to assert his yearning to be made new in Christ. He endorses the idea of man being covered in sin by stating that he needs to be beaten clean and punished for his transgressions. It is evident that Donne is conscious of the reality of sin and it’s affects on…show more content…
In an effort to accentuate the forceful nature of sin on society, he exercises the attribution of underlying messages. For example, throughout the poem, Donne symbolizes marriage by suggesting that God needs to “divorce” man from his sinfulness. Using this figurative language, he provides the critical understanding of sin and its effects on humanity. In this way, Donne is implying that there is a bond between sin and humanity which, therefore, gives the poem a greater depth in meaning. Additionally, the english poet symbolizes brokenness through the man’s earnest supplication. Donne maintains this symbol throughout the poem to acknowledge man’s need for a God. The man in the poem cries out to God and asks for his forgiveness because he is the only one who can truly be his savior.
Ultimately, in “Batter My Heart, Three Person’d God”, John Donne illustrates that sin imprisons humans by using forthright language, perceptible representation, and metaphor. The poem strategically demonstrates the true reality of man’s entanglement with sin. Something to take away from Donne’s poetry is, as he has communicated throughout the poem, man’s need for God to separate him from sin. This is essential, because without God, sin will overtake
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