Barthky Battered Women Analysis

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In chapter 2 of Moral Psychology, Feminist Ethics and Social Theory, Sandra Lee Bartky writes about intimidation and she specifically focuses on its effects on battered women. She then leaves the reader with an interesting question. She asks “After exhausting all remedies, if a battered woman decides to kill her batterer- a woman who fears for her life and safety, a woman who may be suffering from serious internal injuries as a result of prolonged beatings, a woman whose children may have suffered physical violence, certainly grave psychological violence, in short, a woman whose life has been made a living hell- if such a woman kills her abuser, it seems reasonable to ask whether or not it is fair to subject to the same legal system that so…show more content…
We live in a society in which the legal system is designed to protect men, specifically white men. This is a problem that occurs throughout the entire United States. There have been several cases where an African American in the possession of marijuana have received more jail time than a white male rapist. These cases are seen over and over on the news and social media. Many people do not think of theses injustices happening due largely to intimidation, but unfortunately they are. Due to this, battered women and other victims of intimidation should not be subject to the same legal system that failed them once or more before. The intimidation felt in the courtroom by those who are viewed as powerless and inferior causes a vicious cycle of intimidation in the one place when the people coming from intimidation should feel protected and secure. The same feeling is felt by battered women. The male is favored over the female, and there is no justice, which is the exact opposite of the intention of the court system. This is exactly what Sandra Lee Bartky is arguing and due to these reasons I accept her argument to be
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