Battered Women Syndrome Research Paper

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Battered women who reach a breaking point in their lives and eventually in self defense kill their spouse is in a result of the battered women syndrome. This syndrome helps to explain why women stay in abusive relationships and do not seek assistance for their harmful situation. There a various stages that an individual who is suffering from this condition will experience. When an individual begins to experience domestic violence, they will often deny the abuse that they are suffering from. They will refuse to admit that anything is wrong. At times it may be because they are embarrassed or they actually think they caused the abuse and if they keep changing it will get better. There are four stages in the battered women’s syndrome: denial, guilt, responsibility, and enlightenment.
When a victim of abuse is unable to admit and acknowledge that they are being subjected to domestic violence, the denial of the abuse occurs. In many instances, a battered woman does not realize that they are being subjected to domestic violence. Because of the manipulative and coercive behavior of their abuser, the woman is brainwash to believe their relationship is normal or if they remain in denial the abuse will decrease or end.
Guilt is another obstacle that battered women face. They will
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The journal also has an overview of different scenarios and alternatives for the victims as well as reasons why they are in fear and remain in the domestic violent relationship. The title beyond imminence: Evolving international law and battered women's right to self-defense also revealed the purpose of the article to educate people of the right for women use self defense against their spouse. It was a online journal so instructors and students also have access to research about the
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