Battering Ram-Biting Scorpion Game Analysis

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Battering Ram-Biting Scorpion Game This game probably sounds like it is all about arguing and fighting for your own way. This is partially true, but isn't the whole picture. The Battering Ram-Biting Scorpion game represents the innate drive in each of you to fight for your rights. Equality is what you are trying to achieve. When this game surfaces it points to an imbalance of power. Are you really trying to empower one another? All relationships go through at least temporary skirmishes, but this game is a long battle that may rival a one-hundred-year war! At least the exhaustion and turmoil it produces has that impact. Passion is forever present in an Aries-Scorpio romance. You are going to walk through the minefields of one another's deepest emotional…show more content…
This game is driven by anger that is repressed until it becomes poisonous. When it is released, neither of you may know what to do with it. The first impulse may be to run away. It can be scary, or at least unsettling, to hear someone blasting away at you because you "ruined" your partner's happiness. This game is often caused by not listening. It can be healing to finally let out your true feelings. It is typical in the Erupting Volcano game for two people to irrationally accuse each other of being the source of the problem. The challenge is for each person to accept responsibility. Even if one of you makes it this far, the other may not be so willing to accept responsibility, which might make you erupt even more! This can lead to a series of eruptions, back and forth. It doesn't really matter how long it takes. The key question is whether the two of you can chill down enough to look for solutions. Controlling your reactions to each other is no easy task. A great gulf will be created between your hearts if you follow the impulse to blame or say hurtful things to each
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