Battle Against Fast Food Begins In The Home Summary

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Daniel Weintraub’s article The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home argues that childhood obesity is not the food industry 's fault but the parents or guardians of the children. Weintraub supports his claim by using research for example, “ Of the 20 recommendations put forward by the center, only one focused on parents...But no one seems to want to tell parents that they need to protect their children from unhealthy foods and from sloth. “ The author 's purpose in writing the article is to inform the readers that parents and guardians of children need to take responsibility instead of blaming others for something they could 've prevented and were ultimately responsible for. Weintraub writes his article in an informal tone for…show more content…
I do not agree with Weintraubs argument that childhood obesity is the adults wrongdoing. Now-a-days fast food companies are being sued for their unhealthy meals as Shannon Brownlee 's article It 's Portion Distortion that Makes America Fat states “...New York lawyer Samuel Hirsch filed several lawsuits against McDonald 's as well as four other fast - food companies, on the grounds that they had failed to adequately disclose the bad health effects of their menus.” Now lawsuits might be a little extreme but the point in reference is the food industries unhealthy secrets are being revealed and people can 't handle the truth. The fast-food business has come up with ways to become as convenient to us as possible, the easier it is to meet our needs, or what we think we need, the more we will buy. A good case of consumer manipulation would be the Taco Bell example from Brownlees article, “ All that mattered was it was fast and cheap...and pricing the main menu at 49, 59 and 69 cents… within seven days the average check was right back to where it was before...In other words cheap food induced people to eat more.” This quote from the article shows that Fast Food companies were cracking the code on what makes us eat more and they were not afraid to use it to their advantage even if it was damaging our health. After Taco Bell made this great discovery it all started to fall, a chain reaction domino 's soon every other fast food trade were dropping their prices down to as low as…show more content…
McDonald 's was the first business to come up with “super sizing”, this was when they could no longer cut down there already cheap food prices so they increased the portions in hopes of attracting more customers. The way this works is because the actual cost to make fast-food was cheap and in order to super-size their food portions it would only cost them a few cents more. So in all reality the fast food companies were gaining way more money from their fine new invention then what they were actually spending to make the food. The To put this into perspective Brownlees article shows “ For every dollar a quick-service franchise spends to produce a food item, only 20 cents, on average, goes toward food.” I mean who wouldn 't think that 's a good idea more for less, but just like Shannon explains “...and the customer thinks he 's getting a good deal. And he would be, if he actually needed the extra calories.”, and this is completely correct. All this is because fast food businesses found out how to work us like puppets, the mystery behind overeating has been scientifically proven. The article It 's Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat points out “ If you put more food in front of people, they eat more, as studies have consistently shown over the last decade.” Not only does the Fast Food industry know what they 're doing is wrong they still intend to keep up with their greedy approaches in the way
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