Battle Of Alamo Cannons

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The Battle of Alamo was one of the many battles that used cannons. The most famous cannon was the 18 pounder, which was one of the largest at the time. It was left behind when it was realized that C. Neill, the Alamo commander, had failed to bring any ball ammunition with the gun. It also included two iron 8- pounders, six 6-pounders, three iron 4- pounders and another 4-pounder of either brass or bronze and two 3-pounders. In the battle, there consisted of 18 cannons with various sizes. A few many included, one iron 16 pounder, one iron 12 pound gunnade, and one 9" pedrero. The 9” pedrero fired stone balls that sunk ships and was used to defend batteries against assault. At least 13 cannon were spiked and broken off before being dumped in
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