Battle Of Berlin Essay

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The Battle of Berlin was one of the most important battles of the Second World War, as it was the one where the German army of Nazis had officially been defeated, Hitler killed himself, and Germany surrendered. It marked the end of the Second World War in Europe, and the division of Germany 's land to the Allies. It was also one of the bloodiest battles in human history, with approximately 81 000 Soviet casualties, and 92 000 German casualties. There were also 280 000 Soviets wounded, and 220 000 German 's wounded. The battle left the city of Berlin in complete ruin, leaving over one million Germans without a home, clean water, or food. About 1 100 000 Soviet soldiers were awarded medals for their efforts in capturing Berlin. One of the results of this battle is one of the most, if not the most, iconic photos of the Second World War. This photo is the photo of Soviets raising their flag onto of the Reichstag, signifying their absolute victory over the Germans after the battle.
The month long battle was brutal for both sides. The war was fought in the rubble of Berlin, following three years worth of bombings
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Overall, the Battle of Berlin was a very costly battle for all parties involved, but ultimately a necessary one. The Germans were weak compared to how they were positioned earlier in the war. It was the ideal time for the Soviets, and the Americans to strike them down. The atrocities that Germany, under the lead of Hitler, were committing had to be put to an end then and there. It was also in the best interest of the leader of the USSR, Joseph Stalin, that the war was ended before sooner than later. He had to keep the morale of his people high, and the morale of the Germans low. The victory of the Soviets in Germany was turned into a huge source of propaganda, and created a very large amount of pride for the citizens of the USSR. The good news was also sent around the world that the evil Nazis of Germany led by Adolph Hitler had been defeated once and for
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