Battle Of Bolton Park Case Study

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The Battle of Bolton Park took place on February 17th ,2017. It was a battle between the Red Team and the Blue Team. While both teams took much time and effort to prepare themselves for battle, sadly, they fought to a truce. The Red Team had a very well thought out battle plan but lacked ammunition and the Blue Team had lots of ammunition and a good battle plan which gave them an advantage over the Red Team.
The Red Team’s plan was good but lacked communication between team members. For defense, the Red Team had divided all their enemies into 3 classes. “Class One” enemies were enemies who could be taken out easily and quickly with one or two defenders. “Class Two” enemies were slightly faster and harder to take out. They may require a defense team (three to four defenders) to take them out. “Class Three” enemies are extremely fast and sharp shooters. They are top priority and need to be taken out immediately with
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Here are some of the ways the Red Team could have been much more successful in the battle and could have won: The first way that the Red Team could have been more successful from the beginning of the battle preparations was choosing more mature and well organized leaders and generals. Not implying that the failure was the generals or leaders fault, just saying that if the generals and leaders of the Red Team would have been more fluent with emails and updates everyone would have known what was going on and the plans wouldn’t have changed. Another thing that both teams could have considered was using the historical methods and knowledge known to set up a battle plan. They could have done research on war and battle methods in the past that failed and succeeded and used them to edit and use different elements to make their original plan
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