Battle Of Bunker Hill Analysis

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One major event that took place during this time frame was the holding of the Second Continental Congress in the May of 1775. One important fact to remember is that during this convention, the colonists reaffirmed that they were still loyal to the Crown. They would have been fine with remaining a part of Great Britain’s rule has the King simply took into account some of the issues they had with the way the colonial government was forcing rules into place. Here important men like George Washington formulate the Olive Branch Petition, drafted June 5th, basically asking King George III to take in mind some of their requests and to cease the military intervention. The King refused and decided to wage even more conflict against the colonies; this sparked outrage within the American people pushing them even more to continue their quest to independence from the Crown. The Battle of Concord & Lexington occurred on April 18th through the 19th 1775. This conflict was the first major military conflict of the…show more content…
During the early stages of the American Revolutionary War, the colonist’s militia gained word that Britain was sending more military troops to squash any opposition in the American colonies. Outraged by this knowledge, colonial troops took over the area the British were supposed to land and upon their arrival began to attack British troops. Because the colonists were thoroughly outnumbered and were lacking ammunition, the British soldiers were able to attack against them and gain the upper hand. Thus, the colonists lost this round. Though the colonists suffered a lost during this battle, the morale that was achieved throughout the colonies was very high. Everyone was excited that what small force they did have that day was able to rival at least a fraction of the British. This pushed and encouraged American’s to keep pursing their independence. What they lacked in numbers, they made up for in dedication and
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