Battle Of Chancellorsville Research Paper

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The Civil War was a very long and tiresome war that spanned over four years. The Civil War had an immense impact on the freedom of America. In the middle of the Civil War is the Battle of Chancellorsville, one of the most imperative battles of the Civil War. The name of the battle I chose for my research report is the Battle of Chancellorsville. The Battle of Chancellorsville occurred between the dates of April 30, 1863 and May 6, 1863 at Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The Battle of Chancellorsville has no other name. The major Union general of the Battle of Chancellorsville is Major General Joseph Hooker. The major Confederate generals of the Battle of Chancellorsville are General Robert E. Lee and Major General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. There were many soldiers involved in the Battle of Chancellorsville. There were about 97,382 Union soldiers and 57,352 Confederate soldiers. In total, there were 154,734 soldiers part of the Battle of Chancellorsville. The Battle of Chancellorsville first started when General Hooker played a surprise attack against General Robert E. Lee. Robert E. Lee then counterattacked starting the Battle of Chancellorsville. After the Battle of Chancellorsville started, General Hooker had gone far to the left of General Robert E. Lee into the wilderness. General “Stonewall” Jackson took 30,000 men to cross in front of the enemy’s army and swung around to behind. General Robert E. Lee was left with 15,000 men to hold off General Hooker’s army. When…show more content…
If the Union had taken the Confederate capital, the Union would have gained access to Confederate supplies like food, water, ammunition, and weaponry leaving the Confederates with a lot less supplies. Without these supplies, it would be much harder for the Confederates to continue fighting, and the Confederacy would have lost the Civil War must
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