Battle Of Charleston Essay

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Madysen Tietze 8th Grade English November 24,2015 Siege of Charleston Its Wednesday, March 29, 1780, General Sir Henry Clinton has decided it is time to take over the south for the British,and his first target;Charleston,South Carolina. In the book,The American Revolution, author David F Burg states,“Charleston’s fall was the greatest defeat of the revolutionary war and left South Carolina open to British conquest.”(pg.273)This great defeat involved many causes,effects,events,and leaders that all contributed to this British win. This battle was fought in 1780 when General Sir Henry Clinton decided he wanted to take over the south starting with Charleston,South Carolina.His reason for wanting to take over the south,according to land of the…show more content…
At the time,according to history of american wars,Charleston was the largest city in the south,so you can see why the british would attack their first.History of american wars also states that Clinton had a “new southern strategy” that could have helped him for the win. This tragic loss had some major effects on the Americans.According to,They lost a major number of troops along with a lot of munitions and also states that lincoln sufferd major hummilution for this loss.Also colonists suffered the loss of family members that has died or been captured in this
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