Battle Of Courage Case Study

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5. On 31 August 2011, Retired MAJ JRB, who was formerly a 1LT, infantry platoon leader, 2nd platoon, C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment, submitted a DA Form 638, recommending the applicant for award of the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious achievement from 6 January 1967 to 8 January 1968. With this recommendation, he submitted his statement together with several other statements from former members; summarized as follows:

a. 1LT JRB stated, in the summer of 1966, he wasas a second lieutenant he was assigned to C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry at Fort Riley when the 9th Infantry Division was reactivated for combat duty in Vietnam. He was assigned to train an infantry platoon and ready his men for the rigors of combat
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Throughout 1967, their unit experienced a great deal of action; and many of their Soldiers were wounded and many gave the ultimate sacrificeor killed in action. On one day alone - 19 June 1967, in a fierce battle with a large Viet Cong force, they lost 47 men and many more were wounded including himJRB; the. The enemy lost 250 fighters. By September 1967, his original platoon of 35 Soldiers had been whittled down to 13 men; . Ssome were transferred but most had been wounded or killed in action. Most of his remaining men received the Purple Heart and the Combat Infantryman Badge but otherwise very few awards and recognition were ultimately given for their rigorous contributions in what was arguably the most grueling combat environment possible. He, along other C Company officers received various awards such Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, Army Commendation Medals, Air Medals, etc., but the enlisted Soldiers were not satisfactorily acknowledged. He was required to transfer after one year leading the 2nd Platoon and he submitted each of his 13 men for the "Bronze Star Medal" for meritorious

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