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Events Leading up to the Battle of Henderson Field
In the beginning, it is important to note that the Battle of Guadalcanal as well as the Battle of Henderson Field is predicated by the Japanese infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 7 December 1941. The Japanese orchestrated a surprise attack on the United States Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor on that day. This attack destroyed most of the US battleship fleet in an attempt to cripple the United States Navy. The Japanese saw this course of action as a way to extend their defensive perimeter in the Pacific. The Japanese took over several islands in the Pacific to include Guam, Wake Island, New Britain, Gilbert Islands, Malaya, and Singapore to name a few. These actions put the United
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Due to severe storms and heavy clouds, Japanese patrol boats were unable to be the approaching Allied ships. The landing on Guadalcanal began on the night of August 6 1942 and continued into the morning of August 7 1942. The landing party was split into two groups, one taking on Guadalcanal, and the other the nearby islands. With much resistance 3000 U.S. Marines secured the three islands of Tulagi, Gavutu, and Tanambogo. During this assault the Japanese lost almost all personel with the Marines losing 122 personnel. The assault of Guadalcanal received much less resistance. 11,000 Marines came ashore between Koli Point and Lugunda Point. Most Japanese personnel in the area abandoned their post and ran deep into in jungle leaving behind , rations, equipment and 13 dead personnel.
The Battle of Henderson Field
Henderson Field began as a strategic airfield for the Imperial Japanese Navy which was under construction in 1942. There were months of fighting between the United States and Japan, as both sides were either seeking to keep or regain control of the airfield. The Battle of Henderson Field was fought on three fronts: Air, Sea, and Land. Due to time constraints Air and Land will be discussed with the focused placed on the ground attack. The overall battle was fought during the conflict of World War II between 23 AUG 1942 and 09 FEB 1943

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