Battle Of Hobkirk's Hill Essay

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Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill -April 25, 1781 General Cornwallis moved his troops to North Carolina in order to get more provisions for his men. General Greene followed Cornwallis, but hampered by the lack of food, Cornwallis let Green go and trusted that Lord Francis Rawdon who commanded 8,000 men ahead in front of them could take care of the Americans. Rawdon did lead a large force, however it mainly consisted of scattered loyalist units. The largest of these forces numbered 900 men and was based at his headquarters in Camden South Carolina. Greene detached Lieutenant Colonel Henry Lee with orders to unite with Brigaider General Francis Marion for a combined attack on Fort Watson. As Lee and Marion carried out their mission, Greene attempted…show more content…
The first, Fort Trumbull of New London was garrisoned by only 23 men Ledyard ordered its commander to fire one volley when the British approached and the to run.THen he moved to the second fort, Fort Griswold in Groton Heights. Fort Griswold contained only 164 men. The British reached Fort Trumbull despite fire from the local militia, and the commander did as he was told by Ledyard, and fired once and then retreated across the river. After taking the town, Arnold’s men set fire to warehouses along the shore that soon burned through the rest of the town. Across the river, Arnold 's other column, led by Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Eyre moved north along the east bank with orders to take the high ground overlooking the harbor. The British demanded th Americans to surrender, but Ledyard refused to leave Fort Griswold. Eyre was ready to attack. Arnold, fearing another Bunker Hill sent a runner to tell Eyre to stop the attack, but he was too late. The Americans were able to inflict heavy casualties, but eventually were forced to surrender and Ledyard was promptly killed, as were many of the defenders. The Battle of Groton Heights cost the Americans 85 killed and 60 wounded. Arnold reported his losses as 51 killed and 142 wounded. And although the privateering business was temporarily delayed, Washington was not
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