Battle Of Little Bighorn Essay

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The 1870s, the time after the Civil War, was a decade of imperialism, great invention, reconstruction, labor unions and strikes, and the Sioux Wars. Especially The battle of the little Bighorn, was a crushing defeat for the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army under George Armstrong Custer. The 700 men strong 7th Cavalry Regiment were defeated by the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho, which were leaded by several important war leaders, including Crazy Horse and Chief Gall, Sitting Bull. The reason of the Sioux Wars, and so also of the battle of the little Bighorn, was that the Native Americans fight for their land. The Battle of Little Bighorn was a training point in the relation between America and Native America because …show more content…

The Sioux Wars were caused by a group of native Americans, who refused to be relocated in reservations. The battle took place when Custer, with the 7th Cavalry Regiment, go for a patrol along the the little bighorn river. The little bighorn river is a tributary of the Bighorn river and 138-miles long. At this river was beside the battle of the little bighorn also the battle of Crow Agency in 1887. On his way he saw a big group of native Americans, which were out of their reservations and he decided to attack them and force them back into their reservations. While Cluster was walking along the little bighorn river the Terry/Gibbon column was marching toward the mouth of the little bighorn. Custer planned a surprise attack but he get spotted before he was able to do it. So he decided to attack without anymore waiting. His scouts warned him that the village is very big but he didn 't hear on them. And so he ran into his crushing defeat. The battle of little Bighorn scared and enraged the white Americans very much and it also give them a motivation and a good reason to increase their military activities in the west.The white Americans never lost a big battle against the native Americans and because they did now they send much more troops in the west and fought much harder against the natives. The lost also triggered a big debate what they should do with the west, the War Hawks wanted an immediately increase of military in the west and also the United state police made their opinion

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