Battle Of Pea Ridge Essay

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The Civil War began on April 12,1861 and ended on April 9, 1865. This four year battle had more than 50 major battles occurred during this tragic time in history. On March 6, 1862 - March 8, 1862 an important battle took place that left the Union Army with a good strategical position for the rest of the war. This battle was fought in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. This battle is known as the The Battle of Pea Ridge. This key battle of the Civil War was led by General Samuel R. Curtis of the Union and General Earl Van Dorn of the Confederates. To begin with, before the battle of Pea Ridge the Union had a strong defensive position in Arkansas near LIttle Sugar Creek. The Confederate forces had commanded General Van Dorn to destroy the Union’s position at the Pea Ridge in Arkansas. General Van Dorn came up with a plan to attack the Union soldiers by marching around the Unions location and attacking rear sides. This battle was an attempt to take a strong defensive position for the confederates that would leave the Confederate army with a strong position through Arkansas and Missouri. Next, the battle began on March 6, 1862 when confederate forces marched their troops around the Union’s base. While the Confederate soldiers were marching around the Union base there were Union scouts that…show more content…
This win over the Confederates allowed the Union to take control over the Missouri for the next two years. There were 4,600 Confederate casualties and approximately 1,400 Union casualties all in an effort to take control in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. To conclude with, the Battle at Pea Ridge was a short battle with not many casualties. Though this battle was small it did have a large advantage for the Union by its Victory. The location remained in the Union’s possession for two years after the battle. This battle also aided the Union army in having a stronger control over the
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