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Although the Soldiers of the Battle of the Bulge fought bravely and heroically on both sides, we cannot fully appreciate the outcome of the battle without understanding the weaponry used, specifically the guns used by the Field Artillery. In order to understand the artillery pieces used in the Battle of the Bulge, we must begin around World War I (WWI). The U.S. Field Artillery arsenal was equipped mostly with the French 75mm weapons systems purchased during WWI. The use of these guns was primarily attributed to a lack of war time equipment by the time the Americans landed in Europe.
When the Americans entered the war in 1917, there were severe shortages of all sorts of military equipment, including artillery. American factories were still gearing up, and could not provide guns quickly enough for the weapons-starved divisions going overseas. Luckily, the French could produce enough 75’s to equip both armies as well as provide ammunition and training facilities for the arriving Americans, who took an immediate liking to their new cannon. (Miskimon, Christopher 2016)
Shortly after the end of WWI, the Great Depression of
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From the beginning, the Americans were at a huge disadvantage. Essentially surrounded on all sides, with inadequate supplies of food, clothing, ammunition, and equipment. Constantly under attack by a numerically superior force, ravaged by the bitter cold of the European winter. These men, these band of brothers, fought bravely and overcame insurmountable odds, holding back waves of German troops until help arrived. The Infantry did an outstanding job, but even General George S. Patton acknowledged the importance of the artillery, especially during the Battle of the Bulge. From the Revolutionary War, to the modern day battlefield; the U.S. Field Artillery will forever and always be, “The King of
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