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The Battle of the Bulge was a major battle in World War 2 and also a major German offensive campaign that was launched through the forests and jungles of the Ardennes region of Wallonia in Belgium. The people or combatants that were involved were the U.S., Nazi Germany, and the United Kingdom. The battle lasted from December 16th, 1944 – January 25th, 1945. The Americans had 89,500 casualties, the British had 1,408 casualties, and the Germans had 67,459-125,000 casualties. There were also many people wounded, killed, and missing on all three sides of the battle. At first he battle wasn’t that big of a deal but then it became a big deal and no one knew what to call the battle. Everyone was coming up with things but nothing was fitting it, there…show more content…
There was prevented air cover from the isolated American units and the thick fog. Mind you this was all in Hitler’s favor; at first the German’s had an assault that was very big. It was across an 80 mile front on the Allied troops. This battle was a total surprise; it was all secretly planned by Hitler. He wanted the invasion to be designed to split the American and British Alliance. That attack caused one of the most massive surrenders in history of the Americans since Bataan; it was also the largest battle fought by the Americans. By the beginning of the war, maybe even a little bit before it all of Hitler’s plans were falling apart. Everyone was coming together to try and stop him and save everybody; everyone was getting closer to the Fatherland from the east and then from the West the Allied forces had already crossed the Germany border and got into the country. Since Hitler knew that everyone was getting closer to him and coming after him that’s when he decided to do the surprise attack and start the Battle of the Bulge. By the end of the Battle of the Bulge the defeat of Hitler took place and exactly one month after the battle started it was considered ended but fighting still continued on for quite a bit of time after that. By the early days of February the front lines have returned to their original positions than when they first started on December

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