Battle Of Trenton Essay

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The Battle of Princeton takes place in January 3 1777, shortly after the Battle of Trenton. The Battle of Princeton was spurred on by the win at Trenton. After winning the Battle of Trenton, George Washington and his men move toward Princeton, New Jersey. Lord Cornwallis of Princeton had already marched his troops towards Trenton in hopes of attacking the rebels leaving Princeton vulnerable. Taking that point into consideration, in a short battle George Washington defeats the British troops once again showing that the American's have the ability and will one day defeat the British.. This time, throughout both of these battles, the British had 86 killed or wounded and 200 captured, whereas the Americans has 40 killed or wounded and 0 captured.…show more content…
In the starting years of the war, the British generally won most battles due to their far superior sea power. After the invasion of Canada, the American colonist rebellion invasions and attacks continued. Battles after battles were being fought and everywhere the anger and the revenge taking nature was visible in both the colonists and the British officials’ eyes. The next 2 battles occurred in Trenton and Princeton of New Jersey. The Battle of Trenton occurred 26 December 1776. This battle took place after a demoralizing defeat at Long island. George Washington was forced to retreat all the way across New Jersey back in Pennsylvania. Due to the cold and harsh winter and the defeats in the previous wars, the Continental Army was one the verge of abandoning the rebellion act. Therefore George Washington needed to find something to build up the spirit in his troops. As such he then decides to cross back over the Delaware River and attack the Hessians (German hired troops) at Trenton, New Jersey. A the Americans start to cross the river, a severe snowstorm begins but the determination in Washington to attack Trenton does not decrease. He and his men continue to cross the river. As of December 26 1776, the Americans give an early morning surprise to the Hessians who were still asleep off Christmas Dinner. The Battle of Trenton lasted approximately 90 minutes After the battle the Americans moved back across the river into
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