Battle Of Vicksburg Essay

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Zeynep Biyikli
The Battle of Vicksburg The Battle of Vicksburg was the culmination of a long land and naval campaign by Union forces to capture a key strategic position during the American Civil War. The North thought it was the key to winning the war. Vicksburg was the last major Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River, so when it was captured by the Union, it completed the second part of the Northern strategy of the Anaconda plan. The Confederates had a geographic advance, but the Unions advantage of supplies helped them win the Battle of Vicksburg. The North’s advantage in supply affected the battle hugely. The North held most of the advantages when it came to money and resources. The South had a very weak economy and they didn’t have as many supplies as the North. While every part of the Northern economy witnessed
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While the North had a very strong economy and owned most railroads. This gave the North a lot of advantages and helped defeat the South . The South had the geographical benefits. Vicksburg geography was perched on a 200-foot-high cliff, it made it hard for anybody to attack. The Union failed after a few attempts but then mined the 3rd Louisiana Redan, and exploded 2200 pounds of gunpowder. The Union used their advantages to defeat the Confederates. Even though the Union seemed to have no hope towards the Confederates at Vicksburg, they used their supplies (black gunpowder) to defeat them. The two sides fighted violently while the porters gun bullets shelled Vicksburg's supplies from the river. The citizens of Vicksburg had no shelter, nor proper food, or proper health care, Vicksburg had barely any supplies left. The Union starved Vicksburg till they were forced to surrender. This shows how the North used their economical advantages to defeat the South and take over
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