Battle Of Yorktown Turning Point

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The Battle of Yorktown was a turning point. The war was going so difficult for the patriots that they were so low on money they couldn 't even supply the soldiers with essentials that the soldiers needed. They even thought that if they allied the war would end pretty quick but it didn 't. The British Army held all of the south, Philadelphia, and New York City. When the Benedict Arnold one of America’s most gifted officer turned out to be a traitor the American Morale took another blow. Charles Cornwallis moved his men to Yorktown Virginia. After nightfall on the October 6, the troops moved out in a cold and stormy weather to make a plan and dig their first battle field. The heavy overcast weather was shielding the huge digging operation from the British’s eyes.…show more content…
General Washington ordered his helper Lafayette to take 8,000 men and block Cornwallis’ way to escape by land. When they set off their way to block Cornwallis’ escape General Washington led 16,000 men. The Patriots and General Washington surrounded Cornwallis’ and his men’s way. The Patriots fought until October 19 1781. Until Cornwallis sent a drummer and a soldier with a white flag where they meant that they surrendered. The Prime Minister and General George Washington were so shocked. But it dawned upon them that the General Charles Cornwallis surrendered just that easily. The Prime Minister and George Washington received word of the Yorktown that the General Charles Cornwallis surrendered and the Prime Minister declared that the battle is over. Although some people believe that Battle of Yorktown didn 't have a turning point. Here are some reasons as to why they might think that. The Battle of Yorktown was given up easily by General Charles Cornwallis. They didn 't even have much money to support their soldiers by giving them supplies and food. The British army were defeated easily, with some of them injured or
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