Battlefield Ministries Case Analysis

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Battlefield Ministries’ current mission statement states, “Battlefield Ministries exists to make provision for the Body of Christ to thrive for the Lord’s Name and His Renown” (S. Nash, personal communication, October 5, 2015). Battlefield Ministries exists to provide for members of the Body of Christ, so that they may in turn go out and thrive for the Lord and His will. This is the mission statement that Battlefield Ministries holds firm to and this is the mission that counselors keep in mind every time they walk into a session. The mission statement perfectly outlines the goal of Battlefield Ministries, but the ministry does not currently have a vision statement. Vision statements are usually a goal for the future, while mission statements…show more content…
Our counselors do a great job at mending these broken relationships currently, but there are some aspects of restorative processes that could be implemented. These processes focus on the importance of inviting all parties involved to participate in he restoration process. It recognizes that when crime is committed or someone is going through a difficult obstacle in life, the situation impacts more than one individual. When the different parties involved come together to find healing and offer support, this is called a restorative encounter (Van Ness & Strong, 2010). I believe there are some people who come to Battlefield Ministries for counseling who would benefit from an…show more content…
I will explain to the team exactly what restorative justice is and how it can be beneficial to everyone involved. I will mention that the people who come here for counseling are going through situations that are impacting more than just themselves, which is why restorative encounters could be beneficial. In order to be successful, restorative justice programs must intervene early (Rodda, 2010). The same is true for the encounters that will happen at Battlefield Ministries because with more time that goes by more wounds are created, which calls for a more difficult healing process. The counselors will be reminded to make sure the group involved in the encounter remains supportive and does not shame the individual going through counseling, as this is an important aspect of restorative justice. The members of the group must also listen to what the other members have to say and show a genuine care for the person going through counseling (TEDx, 2012). It is important that the counselors understand that there are three areas that should be focused on in the encounter. These areas of focus should be on what happened or what the individual is dealing with, who is impacted by this, and how can the wounds be healed (CentralMichiganRJ, 2008). These counselors already strive to mend broken relationships and I believe they would be very supportive of anything that
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