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Battlefield visualization is important thing when facing the real war. This application is to allow the army to overview the battlefield location. This is because the commander of their unit need to make some strategic move or better decision. There also possibilities for commander to do some planning and shaping which is evaluate the possible movement of forces. Data from the real world environment will be analyze and by the battlefield visualization that been entered by computer system. The process at last will provides a 3D displays on tabletop environment which battlefield visualization information can be used. These application could allocated the real war situations. The uses of workbench that will update to show the battlefield environment. Its replace the use of paper maps called “Dragon Battlefield Visualization”.

Figure : Overview of battlefield map. [René ter Haar et. al] Next, in real war the soldier need to train their awareness. They need to focus on environment view or sight that soldier’s in line with . Soldier
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(1994) is caused by traumatic event that are outside the range of casual human experiences such as being kidnapped or taken hostages, military combat, violent personal assault, terrorist attack, being diagnosed with life threatening illness and else. Symptom toward PTSD is when a person is exposed to stimulus cues that remind them to the tragedy or original trauma in a non-therapeutic setting. PTSD in virtual reality therapy is invented imaging exposure therapy. It will provide low treat context that the patient able to begin to therapeutically process the emotion to the traumatic event and cycle the disorder to extinction process. The soldier also need this treatment to controlling their cognitive, emotion process after war. What are they experienced are different each other. Some might have trauma in the war, so to giving them back the spiritual in the war, these treatment is the best for

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