Battles With Monsters In Beowulf

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Battles with Monsters Beowulf Essay Beowulf was an epic hero who fought three monsters in his lifetime. He fought them with many different weapons and brought many skills to the table. He was strong and courageous which makes him a true fighting hero. If only he could have lived longer he could have fought more monsters. Fighting monsters to him made him feel important to the people in the world. everyone thought of him as a hero for standing up to evil no one else would dare to do. Beowulf’s fame and glory is what kept him going and his drive is what made him defeat the monsters. Beowulf’s first monster he fought was Grendel. Grendel was a monster that would appear in the land of the Danes almost every night. He would sneak into King Hrothgar’s mead hall and eat any person of his choosing. He was a creature who…show more content…
She came one night to avenge her son's death by Beowulf. She took one of Hrothgar's most loved man. She killed and ate him just like her son would have done. Beowulf followed her with 14 of his best men to fight at her home in the bottom of a murky and dark lake. He dove deep and fought her with his bare hands for swords could not penetrate her figure. She bit into his Helmet and left bite marks, something nothing has ever done before “bit holes in his helmet”. Beowulf and she fought barehanded until Beowulf saw a sword that was specially forged by the giants and blessed with their magic. It was the only thing that could stop her. He gripped the sword and swung to cut off her head and leave her on the ground, lifeless. Beowulf was lucky he found the sword or it may have ended his life earlier than he had expected. Even though it was a close battle between them, Grendel’s mother still could not defeat the mighty Beowulf. Beowulf killed Grendel’s mother because she came to get revenge on the Danes for killing Grendel. Beowulf did this again for the fame and glory that he would receive shortly after doing
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