Baudolino: The Art Of Lying By Umberto Edo

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Baudolino: The Art of Lying Baudolino, crafted by Umberto Eco, is an unaccountable tale of what happened during the Middle Ages. It recounts the adventures of Baudolino and his friends in search for the a kingdom which dubiously exists. We can consider this literary prose as a novel since it is a product of the author’s imagination, therefore fictional, and simply because it contains more than 25,000 words. Being a historical novel, it includes allusions to people, events, and places in real life aside from the fictional elements. The extent of the work allows for the novel to contain an elaborate plot, delve into several characters, and encompass several themes and universal truths (Burgess, 2014).
Baudolino is a historical novel, set in the Middle Ages in Constantinople. It was the year 1204, when the 4th crusade was happening—Constantinople is being sacked by the knights of the crusade. This was the time when Baudolino met and saved Niketas Choniates. It was April 14, 1204, Wednesday when sixty-year old Baudolino began recounting to Niketas Choniates his story.
Baudolino was told in the third person omniscient view: not limited to saying what the narrator sees or hear, but also being able to express the different characters’ thoughts (Duckart, 2007). In this story, it was shown that even if the main character came from a peasant family, it did not hinder him to study and to acquire knowledge. It showed how far he could go and how he could change his life with his

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