Bay Of Pig Operation: The Bay Of Pigs

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The Bay of Pigs Operation The Bay of Pigs Operation is the U.S. final measure in preventing the spread of communism into the western hemisphere. For years the CIA and other intelligence agencies have taken interest in Cuba, following the overthrow of U.S. backed Cuban Leader Fulgencio Batista by rebel leader Fidel Castro. The initial proposal of the operation is to outgoing President Eisenhower towards the end of his administration. President Eisenhower approves of the initial plan to overthrow the newly formed Castro regime. President Kennedy approves the final plan early in his administration. The intent of the operation is to insert a CIA trained guerrilla force comprising of Cuban exiles following an aerial bombardment. The aerial bombardment is to destroy the already diminishing Cuban Air Force ensuring air superiority and allowing close air…show more content…
government establishes a safe haven for CEF ships with U.S. air cover. In the afternoon, a CEF eastern outpost makes contact with Castro’s counter attack forces arriving in the area and withdraw. At 1700, the northern outpost encounter heavy fire as Castro’s forces move down the primary northern road. There is no radio communication with the forces on the beach due to radios lost and damaged during landing operations. Fighting along the northern road continues throughout the day. Cuban tanks and artillery enter the fight around 1800. During the remainder of the day CEF B-26’s inflict several hundred casualties on Cuban forces near Red Beach. By the end of fighting on the first day CEF have lost four B-26’s while the Cuban Air Force loses two Sea Furies, two B-26’s, and one T-33. The CEF lost numerous vessels due to Cuban air strikes, grounding, and mechanical failures. The CEF forces hold two of three main roads within the area. (Murgado, 2009, p. Appendix
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