Baycare Healthcare Delivery System: Organization Culture Analysis

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The analysis of Baycare Health System organization culture yields various aspects of interesting organizational culture that are universal in all of their 13 facilities that are operating in the Tampa area. Baycare health system encourages the culture of quality throughout their health care delivery system; this culture is well stated both on the company website, and intranet. The Quality encompasses their quality philosophy, quality process, and quality promoters.
Quality philosophy is specifically aimed at satisfying the needs of their customers, and improving satisfaction through their health care delivery services. Baycare recognizes that to improve customer’s satisfaction, and outcomes, their healthcare delivery process must be continually evaluated and improved to promote a standardized process throughout their facilities. This is accomplished by engaging their employees and
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Baycare cultures support an environment where expectation and behavior are effectively communicated, and rewarded. For example, Baycare conduct a performance evaluation annually, and if the organization meets or exceed all their goals for the year; all employees are awarded a annual bonus checks. This action further serves as an avenue to enlighten employees about their performance and generate recommendations regarding areas of improvements. Lastly, Baycare health system organizational culture provides an atmosphere that is well conducive for their employees and patients; employees are provided with a designated parking close to the hospital parameter. This is emblematic of an organization that values their employees and safety of both patients and employees is a top priority at Baycare. Additionally, employees and patients are encouraged to report any factor in the organization environment that could pose a threat to patients as well as
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