High School Stakeholders Case Study

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Employees: Employees are one of the type of stakeholders of Bayer. Employees are the ones who work for the company. They are the ones who provide services to the customers of Bayer, which in this case are other businesses. In Bayers case, the employees are the engineers, chemists, technicians, marketers, etc. Other businesses purchase products from bayer and it is the duty of the employees to make sure that the products that they sell are very high in quality. Employees help impact the objectives of the business because without them, Bayer will be unable to sell high quality products or maybe even no products at all. Employees impact the quality of the products and the services that the business provides. In return of their services, they…show more content…
Their main objective is to help the school make strategic decisions and directions to help achieve the main goals of the school. Basically, they are the ones who are in control of the school. Their main interest in the school is its success. Their role is to help the school become more successful. They want to make sure that the students of Island School are provided with high quality education. They cause a large impact on Island School since they are the ones who are making the decisions. This includes facilities, staff members, activities etc. They are the ones who make these arrangements. Without them, the school will find it difficult to make strategic directions. Many problems can occur like a loss of Quest week activities, no new facilities and poorly staff…show more content…
This is because Universities also want to gain students, and since Island School has a good reputation, it is a good place to get students from. Their main objective is providing Island School students with further education after High School to help them achieve their career goals. Universities are very important to Island School. This is because customers want to get their children into a high quality university after High School. if no Universities are interested in Island School, students and parents might decide to transfer to a school which has better reputation. Island School must make sure they have contact with high quality Universities to keep students from leaving Island
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