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The building of the bridge is under the management of Bradfield. 3 other men are also heavily involved in the design and construction of this bridge, Laurence Ennis (engineer and man-on-site supervisor), Edward Judge (chief technical engineer of Dorman Long) and Sir Ralph Freeman (designed the accepted model of the bridge in further detail). The unemployment rate is currently very high; it is hard for me to find work in order to support my family, which is why I have been helping build this amazing man-made bridge. The construction of the bridge helped me along with many other Aussie men remain employed, although now the construction of the bridge is over I am seeking for a new job. A couple of months ago on the 19th of January the first…show more content…
I heard there were around 700 thousand people who attended yesterday’s opening celebrations. The celebrations were organised by the Citizens of Sydney Organising Committee. Many men who were in politics or influential were apart of this committee that formed in 1931. Many songs were composed for yesterdays occasion and many other arrangements. There were many celebrations, I loved seeing the many passenger ships that sailed underneath the bridge, it was beautiful. After the official ceremonies the citizens of Sydney were able to walk across the bridge on the deck. This was so special and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Walking along the deck is not going to be repeated until the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Harbour bridge celebrations! Overall a total of 16 men died during the construction, only 2 from falling of the bridge. Many were left injured or deaf from the working conditions. I was lucky to stay safe and remain employed throughout the building of the bridge. Yesterday was a great day and working on the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was very

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