Baz Luhrmann Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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A man walks into a party almost half naked dressed in just a bra and skirt acting like a drag queen.This is Mercutio Romeo’s cousin and he will do almost anything to get a laugh. This is how Baz Luhrmann shows that in his movie Romeo and Juliet. Baz Luhrmann 's version of romeo and Juliet was a good interpretation of the play because of how Luhrmann does a great job of showing Romeo and Juliet on a modern stage throughout the movie and the movie also does a great job of interpreting characters.
An example of how Luhrmann brings shakespeare to a modern audience is how Romeo and Juliet get married two days after they meet.This is a great representation of how fast the time goes in the written play. Not only do romeo and Juliet get married fast in the original but other things happen fast in the written play as well. Like how fast Romeo and Juliet meet and how fast Romeo and Juliet are separated .This helps bring shakespeare to life to a modern audience as well as to a modern era because in modern day life weddings do not happen this fast. Romeo and Juliet getting married this fast shows how Luhrmann brings out shakespeare to a modern era because of how Romeo and Juliet still get married in a modern setting but on the time frame shakespeare interpreted it to be. Another example of how Luhrmann
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Mercutio’s grand entrance is a great example of how Baz Luhrmann expresses and interprets characters as well as how he modernizes the movie through different scenes like this.This movie is good for adults as well as teens to see. I would not recommend this movie to younger children just because of some of shakespeare 's language used throughout the movie may not be understandable to them. But overall people should see this film because it’s great characters and overall modernization of
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