Baz Luhrmann's Adaptation Of The Great Gatsby

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Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the great gatsby was great, but as all adaptations it had its faults and its strengths during production. The song “100$ bill” by JayZ for instance, was not incorporated well as I do not believe that rap in a way was like jazz in Gatsby's time period. Not to say that Jay Z’s music is not great but the scenes that incorporated his music may have felt awkward to some modern day viewers. It just seems like on one hand Jay Z's music may have been a good representation of rap in his time but there was no sense of mysteriousness in his music like jazz was in gatsby’s ago. On the other hand the song “Young and Beautiful “ by -(Lana Del Rey) did fit great in the scenes that the song was depicted as it captured the majesticness…show more content…
The first character is Gil , he is a parallel to Nick in the “Great Gatsby”. Gil is undergoing a change in life, and arrives in Paris just as Nick arrives in New York. Both of the men are from or in some way related to the rich status. But both Gil and Nick are not like the other rich counterparts, they respect the lower class and other time periods. Gil could also be a parallel to Gatsby because they both find love where it could never happen. Gatsby with the married Daisy who also has a child that he does not acknowledge, and Gil with adriana who is from a whole different time period than he is from. The second group of characters are the rich, like Inez and her parents as they parallel the Buchanans because they all are rich and care little about others but themselves. For example Inez says to Gil when he confronts her about cheating that “its whatever get over it”. She doesn't care about Gil or his feelings and she brushes the conversation off like it is nothing. On the other hand both Tom and Daisy cheat without a care in the world of the repercussions or feelings of others because they have no sympathy for those entangled in their ordeals. Paul is a parallel of tom in a way he believes his way is right and him being rich he also believes that his reputation is high and always on the line so he has to one up everyone to show his dominance. Adriana is in ways a parallel to daisy, adriana like Daisy is pursued by the protagonist as she is gils version of his dream girl. Both gatsby with Daisy and Gil with Adriana are examples of tragic love which were never going to happen. As for helen she was mostly a jordan parallel. You would see her at gatherings but she never provided much fuel for the story in comparison to the other characters. Helen was like a doormat but she was rich so she was at the gatherings but did not
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