Bale Columbia Factory Case Summary

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Brief summary British Columbia box limited Vancouver factory was headed by the plant manager Mr.PaulFlynn. BCB also had sister plants in Burnaby, Vitoria and Toronto .BCB was a part of large international company which specialized in manufacturing of packaging materials . Paul was looking for new machinery in early 2002 as the current machine was 18 years old and it demanded huge investments in terms of maintenance. He also wanted to expand his business and hence was looking for a machine with higher productivity. A major crisis broke in November 2005, when the current machine had been seriously damaged and immediate decisions and actions had to be taken in order to sustain in the business. This is time when company manager took the matter seriously and decided to…show more content…
machine is the best alternative for BCB future production and expansion because of the several reasons • Cheapest of all • Experienced and a reputed company in the CNC field • Andrews CNC was not as good bale machine and also termed problematic in the past . it could be a risk . • Maintenance is cheaper and faster in the bale case. this can lead to a better productions and handling of problems Learning outcome about the industrial buying and selling 1. Decision making at the right time is the key to success in the business markets Bcb manager Paul Flynn knew about the necessity for buying a new machine back in 2002. But due to inefficiency of the higher management to take a decision to buy a new machine itwas kept pending till 2006. Had the bcb taken this decision earlier they could have installed the new machine around the year 2004 and could have generated 1,000,000 in sales which Mr. Ray Dover refused due to the absence of a larger machine. They only moved forward with the decision when there was instant need. Mr. Ray had come with a 5 year in 2005 to improve the sales
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