Bcg Matrix Of Apple

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1.0Describe the company and their nature of business

Apple as a computer company begin in 1976. In a decade ago, the company Apple has extended into a complicate company that practices more not only in computers. Apple across obstacles of the iPod and finally becoming predominant market pioneer in music players. Also, in 2007 Apple joined the phone industry start up a product name called iPhone, as a result iPhone has generally effective in the market.

Apple is a company that to meet consumer demand first, to full fill their satisfaction as a consumer goods company. Apple has joined the mobile phone market in 2007 and the good news is Apple launch iPhone project, and release a product name iPhone. After Apple come out with a product name
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Question mark which is mean a new begin of the product and it’s potential are still haven’t verify. Stars that mean a product that in this stage is consume a lot of spending but also generate a lot of profit. Cash cow which mean a stage that generate a lot of profit and not consume huge amount of spending. Dogs mean a products that are not accepted by the market anymore, in Dogs stage the product not going earn any profit to the company anymore. Based on my research show that now the Apple company product which is Mac still in the question mark stage because of the market share is still not stable in a time and also the potential of the Mac haven’t get verify. Next iPad, iPad is unexpected moving into the stars stage area. Compare between with Mac those consumer is pushing away Mac and attract by iPad, just because the iPad is user friendly and the price is more acceptable for those consumer. The next is cash cow stage area which are the stage iPhone and iPod stay in, after product iPhone and iPod is introduced become popular in the whole world. Last is Apple TV, after the question mark stage straight drop to dogs because of the expectation from the customer to the Apple TV, but the result show Apple TV are not acceptable by customer because of prices are not suitable and the MacOS system work in the TV is complicate

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