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Results and Discussion 3.1 Characterization of Baclofen 3.1.1 Baclofen melting point: The measured melting point of Baclofen was found to be 207°C.This result is the same as reported in references, which indicates the purity of the drug powder used in the study (27). 3.1.2 Baclofen λ max: Scanning of Baclofen solution (100μg/ml) in phosphate citrate buffer (pH 7.4) by UV spectrophotometer at 200-400 nm gave the spectrum Shown in figure () .The maximum absorbance (λ max) found to be 220nm, which is similar to standard references (36, 37). As shows in figure (3-1). Figure (3-1): UV scan of Baclofen at pH 7.4 shows the λ max at 220 nm 3.1.3 Baclofen calibration curve: Figure (3-2) shows the calibration curve of Baclofen in phosphate…show more content…
3.1.4 Baclofen solubility: The solubility of Baclofen was measured in phosphate buffer solution (pH 7.4). The result of saturation solubility of Baclofen was found (5116.7 μg/ml) in phosphate buffer solution (pH 7.4) and (5633 μg/ml) in water. Determination of saturated solubility of pure Baclofen powder in phosphate buffer solution (pH 7.4) was necessary in order to maintain sink condition…show more content… Effect of type of the oil on the Emulgel: Figure (3-12) showed the difference in maximum drug released from Formulas of different oil phase type at constant kind and concentration of other constituents. From these results, we found that the sequence of magnitude of maximum drug release at the end of the experiment is as follows F1 >F11 > F12 > and F13 for that the percentages of drug release are 82%, 79%, 78.22%, 72.38% for Castor oil, peppermint oil, Liquid paraffin and Lavender oil respectively as an oil phase in formulas for by using 15gm of oil in each formula for release over 5:30 hr. The reason behind this finding may be due to viscosity of formulas at any shear rates as shown in figure ( ) ( ). where, the emulsions formulated from castor oil exhibit lower viscosities than those prepared using paraffin oil. Lead to retardation of the release of the drug (58).and this applicable for the rest of the formulas that different only in the oil

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