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CONTENTS 1: AIMS 2: INTRODUCTION 3: MAIN BODY 4: CONCLUSION 1: AIMS The aims of this essay is 1: to discuss some of the more important points raised in the book “Be Our Guest” by Theodore Kinni. 2: to examine the methods by which Disney has created a world-famous customer service technique 2: INTRODUCTION “BE OUR GUEST-Perfecting the Art of Customer Service” is now in its updated 10th anniversary edition. Co-written by the Disney Institute with the author Theodore Kinni, published in 2011, this book contains 208 pages. It is very accessible, with an easy to read layout and fascinating insights into the evolution of Disney’s much-admired customer service. All material, definitions, conclusions and examples have been based on the real…show more content…
He paid attention to things that others failed to think about. A brilliant example of this ability to “think outside the box” is that all doors in hotel rooms have two peepholes, one at the usual height and one at a child’s-eye level. Defining a Common Purpose Disney formulated a Mission Statement for his company that encompassed some important service values and operational criteria, covering health and safety, courtesy, quality standards, efficiency. In order to deliver on these, Disney formulated what is known as a Service Compass. Disney’s Quality Service Compass In the development of the four points of the Service Compass, generating qualitative responses from customers became critical. This was a form of focus group. By asking open-ended questions of customers and encouraging them say what was on their mind, the collected answers revealed a profile of guest expectations, which then became the baseline for the work of “exceeding those expectations”. Disney’s Service Compass is a very interesting concept. It has the four main points: • Guestology • Quality Standards • Delivery…show more content…
Delivery Systems are composed of three systems needed to deliver Quality Standards 1: cast (that’s Disney-speak for employees) – courtesy is a priority for cast members and provides an important benchmark for customer interaction with the Disney juggernaut. 2: setting – each sense is carefully catered for in terms of the setting, with particular attention paid to sight. Disney parks are consciously designed to provide “delightful and entertaining views”, as well as other invisible appeals to the remaining senses, such as touch, smell, taste and sound. 3: processes The fourth compass point is Integration. You need to integrate the three systems so that they work together as one. At Disney theme parks, these service processes include moving guests through the attractions, the check-in and check-out processes at the hotels, and the response to all types of emergencies, such as medical problems and fires. There are potential “combustion points” in every process. Here is typical example of how Disney’s attention to detail came up with an ingenious solution to an ordinary

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