Be Patient Narrative

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Be Patient
What is important in life? I think it 's to be patient. If I couldn 't be patient at that time, I don 't have my best friend today.
When I was 6, our family moved to a new house. The age of 6 was the age to start new life. My little brother had born. I started to go to elementary school. My new house was at 8th floor, we could wake up with warm sunlight every morning. At that time, I was a very shy and introverted child. So I was excited but also afraid of making new friends in new place because I wasn’t good at talking with people that I meet for the first time. During the entrance ceremony of elementary school, I was literally about to cry because of full of new faces. (I was also a crybaby at that time.)
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That was the first time to talk to a person from myself and I could hear my heart beating. I tried to talk to her. But she was more shy than me since she didn’t open her mind to me at all. I asked her to play with me. But then she said, “Tomorrow…” I didn 't get what that meant first. She even confused playing with me. I was shocked. I decided to talk to her with my full of courage and now she confused me. At first, I thought that she maybe hates me but I kept asking her every day. And finally she opened her mind to me after about 5 days from I asked her for the first time. I was full of joy and from that day, we became best friends. I learned that not giving up is so important to anything even if it is a
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